Since most of my published work has been for an adult literary audience, you may be wondering what I’m doing writing fantasy novels for kids. Well, children’s books–especially fantasy ones–are my first love. Ask any bookstore owner in my area: they’ll tell you I spend most of my time and money in the Children’s/Young Adult section. And my all-time favorite books are still the ones that come with Newberry Medals, swords, dogs, magicians or ships on the covers.


Drafts of Anatopsis

Drafts of Anatopsis

Anatopsis is the first novel I ever wrote. I started it more than 20 years ago, and my goal, at the time, was just to see if I could finish it. The first version took me 5 years to finish. It was over 600 pages long and, by any measure of literature, unpublishable. So it took another 5 years before I had anything I could send out, and 10 more years before I could get someone to publish it.

Now I have the joy of seeing my work in print. And it’s only taken me 5 years (not 10) to finish my second novel, so with any luck, that one will be in the bookstores in a lot less than 20 years. (Fingers crossed!)

I hope you enjoy Anatopsis. Please feel free to email me if you have any comments or questions.