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New Writers’ Blog: Beyond The Margins – Check it out!

Another blog?! OMG, aren’t there like more blogs in the world than there are people in China? And what happens when all those people in China start their blogs?

Well, let’s face it: we can never have too many blogs. At least, good ones. And since I’m one of the main contributors for this new one, it’s got to be good, right?

Okay, there’s the whole “When are you going to actually update your blog” issue.  But this new blog is a group project, with 11 other writers. So no matter how stale my ideas get, there will be 11 other people making sure fresh material gets posted every day.

Beyond The Margins is the name of the new blog, and instead of trying to describe what it’s about, I’ll just reproduce its “About” section here:

Beyond The Margins is the on-line sounding board for a group of writers who met, taught, workshopped or otherwise communicated through Grub Street Inc., a nonprofit creative writing center in Boston. We have published novels, short fiction, poetry, newspaper and magazine articles, and our backgrounds and careers run the gamut from social work and medicine to journalism, law, graphic design, and metalwork.

Beyond The Margins offers inside information on publishing and tips on creating memorable scenes and great dialogue. We debunk the myths of freelance writing, deliver book reviews and interviews with authors and editors and agents, and take humorous looks at the craft, the industry and ourselves.

We hope the diversity of our voices, experiences and interests will inject energy and insight into all our posts. And we hope readers will feel free to join in the discussion. Because even if we’re passionate about what we write, the best material always comes from out there, beyond the margins.

Sounds great, huh?  At least, if you’re interested in publishing or have writerly aspirations.  Which it seems like 99.9999% of the world does. (Except for my dad, who’s always thought it would make far more sense for everyone else to write about him.  But that’s for another blog.  Or therapy.  Or a novel. Whichever comes first.)

Anyway, enjoy Beyond The Margins!

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